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Gym Floor Cover Starter Kit
Gym Floor Cover Starter Kit

The $49.99 Covermaster Gym Floor Cover Starter Kit is packed full with information to help you make your gym floor cover purchase selection. It is the ideal presentation and evaluation material for your purchasing department or primary decision maker. [more]
Free Samples
FREE Gym Floor Cover Samples and DVD Video

We are always happy to discuss your gym specifications, and we'll assemble a set of sample gym floor cover swatches to send you. The samples will allow you to see the exact cover you will be ordering, and choose between different cover weights, colors, finishes and textures. [more]
Also see the educational Covermaster DVD video.
Covermaster Warranty
Discounts, Warranty, Referral Program

Covermaster ’s Discount Program is designed to provide Covermaster customers with the best value at the lowest cost of ownership.

Every Covermaster protective gym floor cover is backed with a full warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Covermaster is rewarding all clients who would like to refer new business to us. Read more about our Referral Program.
PowerMate Power Winder
Gym Floor Cover Accessories, Power Winder

There are multiple accessories you can use to make your gym floor cover installation and removal much easier. Consider using the PowerMate electric power winder, Ultima Series CoverClean dual brush assembly, Master Series CoverClean single brush assembly and more...

Advice, Tips and Uses
Covermaster Advice Section

Find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions, learn how to measure your gym floor, prevent floor damage, and store covers. You should know how to select and buy the best gym floor cover and other equipment, what you should be looking for and what safety features are a must-have.
Gym Floor Cover School, Church, Military
Floor Covers for School, Church, Military, etc.

· Gym floor covers for the School and University gym
· Gym floor covers for the Church gym
· Gym floor covers for the Military gym, GSA

Also read our clients' success stories about how they protect their gym floors with Covermaster gym floor covers and extend multi-use of their facilities.

CoverMate II Handling System

The totally redesigned Ultima Series CoverMate II handling system is the result of more than 20 years of Covermaster hands-on experience and extensive user feedback. It is the only storage system in the industry designed by a certified professional engineer.

The CoverMate II rack embodies a wealth of incomparable advances in safety and handling. With patents pending on all proprietary engineering and safety components, CoverMate II will stand alone for many years to come. [more]
Gym Floor Covers
Safety 1st Program

We believe that this industry innovation is so important, that we created the Safety 1st program. This is your assurance that the Gym Floor Cover Systems available from Covermaster are quite simply the safest available. [more]
Gym Floor Covers
FREE Delivery, Pricing

Every gym floor is unique, and one price strategy is not possible. While there are claims out there of freight being prepaid on orders over a certain value, many gym facilities are surprised to find freight invoices mailed to them as the term 'prepaid' simply meant that the seller paid the common carrier directly, but then charged those costs back to the buyer, in addition to the product invoice.

At Covermaster, we do not play those kind of games. Your facility is unique and your solution should be as well. We work with you to recommend the solution that best fits your requirements. We provide pricing based on your needs and we always include delivery to your door. The price that we quote is the price we invoice. We make it easy for you and there are never any surprises at invoicing time. [more]
Gym Floor Covers
Manufactured in America

While a lot of companies import inferior vinyl, Covermaster’s focus is on quality. Our business model focuses on supplying the highest level of quality in all of our product ranges, which is not possible by those who only dabble in gym floor cover manufacturing. Therefore, we manufacture all of our covers in our state of the art factories in strategic locations throughout America to ensure the quickest delivery possible of the industry’s highest quality products.

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